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Janet Carnegie

Mor­ro Bay is Janet’s home port! Spend­ing her youth explor­ing the many local trails on horse­back, total­ly inspired her adult life. Still able to find those old trails of long ago, although now on foot. She’s in con­stant awe of where she grew-up! After rais­ing five free spir­it­ed chil­dren on the cen­tral coast, Janet took a minute to pour her­self a glass of wine. There’s always a great sto­ry in a glass of wine! She has been pour­ing Dam Fine Wine” for 15 years… now that’s hard to believe! It has tru­ly been great to share the sto­ry of Cas­toro Cel­lars and tell of Neils and Bimmer’s Udsen’s com­mu­ni­ty and fam­i­ly val­ues.
On her days off you might spot her out kayak­ing on the bay, walk­ing miles on the beach or danc­ing always bare­foot at one of our many com­mu­ni­ty concerts.