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The Honey Dewdrops crop

SLOFolks Presents: The Honey Dewdrops

Saturday March 14th @ 6:30pm - 10:00pm

Amer­i­cana duo The Hon­ey Dew­drops – Lau­ra Wort­man and Kagey Par­rish– have long felt the push-and-pull between their orig­i­nal roots in the Appalachi­an moun­tains and their cur­rent home in urban Bal­ti­more. You’ll hear it in their har­mo­ny soaked songs and the mas­tery of their instru­ments’ acoustic tones, but also in their song­writ­ing, which reflects the hard real­i­ties of today. 

With their fifth inde­pen­dent release, Any­one Can See out on March 1st, 2019, they have primed the cre­ative ener­gy so preva­lent on their pre­vi­ous releas­es. Each song sparkles with focused inten­si­ty, and, with their new album, the duo show that they’re grow­ing rapid­ly as artists, enthu­si­as­ti­cal­ly exchang­ing an impos­si­ble quest for per­fec­tion for the com­pelling ebbs and flows that accom­pa­ny an inti­mate, authen­tic kind of expres­sion.

With Any­one Can See, Par­rish and Wort­man want­ed to recre­ate the flex­i­ble, spon­ta­neous atmos­phere of their live per­for­mances. We focused in on that live ener­gy by sit­ting close to each oth­er in the stu­dio so we could hear every­thing in a nat­ur­al way,” says the duo. By record­ing each song in its entire­ty and keep­ing edits min­i­mal we found the takes that had the mag­ic often had some vari­a­tion of voice and rhythm, like the songs were unfold­ing them­selves.” Chas­ing this mag­ic, Par­rish and Wort­man also found their sense of musi­cal clar­i­ty evolv­ing over the course of the album’s cre­ation. The process made us look at how we define what is right” in our per­for­mances,” says Par­rish and Wort­man. What sound­ed good to us was the unex­pect­ed, the impro­vi­sa­tion­al moments that enhanced the arc of a song.” It helped too that pro­duc­er Nick Sjostrom guid­ed the duo towards a ground­ed result, help­ing to man­i­fest a suc­cinct album while also encour­ag­ing a free­ing cre­ative atmos­phere. Though the cre­ation of Any­one Can See con­tains ele­ments of an artis­tic awak­en­ing in cer­tain sens­es, Par­rish and Wort­man have also remained loy­al to their roots, with the album evok­ing the duo’s char­ac­ter­is­ti­cal­ly pow­er­ful melodies and intri­cate chord progressions. 

Tick­ets $20.00

Indoor Show

Doors open at 6:30pm, show begins at 7:30pm