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Good Medicine Presents — Circles Around the Sun

Saturday June 5th @ 6:00pm - 10:00pm

Cir­cles Around The Sun at Cas­toro Cel­lars in Paso Rob­les — OUT­DOORS, REDUCED CAPAC­I­TY AND SOCIAL­LY DISTANCED

About this event

Los Ange­les-based instru­men­tal super­group Cir­cles Around the Sun returns with the release of their self-titled, third full-length stu­dio album, Cir­cles Around the Sun. The sev­en-track col­lec­tion marks a styl­is­tic shift from their pre­vi­ous LPs. It’s an evo­lu­tion that sees the band embrac­ing a sleek­er, shinier, even DANCI­ER ver­sion of them­selves – a cos­mic dis­co of the body and the soul, still anchored in the groove, but ascend­ing to the stars. The thing is, their sound isn’t the only thing that’s evolved. Since their last LP, Cir­cles has under­gone a trans­for­ma­tion inter­nal­ly. It’s a tale of life, death and rebirth, of love and loss, of shed­ded skin and new begin­nings. But let’s start with the new album, shall we?

Record­ed by leg­endary engi­neer Jim Scott (Wilco, Rolling Stones, Tom Pet­ty) at his stu­dio in Valen­cia, CA, this new col­lec­tion began with…a drum machine. The Sequen­tial Cir­cuits Drum­traks™ from 1983, to be spe­cif­ic. The Cir­cles band mem­bers — gui­tarist Neal Casal (Chris Robin­son Broth­er­hood, Ryan Adams), bassist Dan Horne (Cass McCombs, Jonathan Wil­son), key­boardist Adam Mac­Dougall (Black Crowes) and drum­mer Mark Levy — were search­ing for a sound, some­thing more upbeat than pre­vi­ous releas­es. Cue the Drum­traks™. The built-in beats on it are actu­al­ly pret­ty janky,” says Horne. But we knew we want­ed to make more of a dancey, groove-dri­ven album that would trans­late live, to give our shows a more high-ener­gy feel.” Draw­ing inspi­ra­tion from P‑Funk, Her­bie Hancock’s Head Hunters, and Beast­ie Boys’ slinky instru­men­tals, the band used the Drum­traks™ dri­ving rhythms as the foun­da­tion for each song.

Album open­er Baby­man” makes it clear the Cir­cles Around The Sun ride is head­ed in a new direc­tion, clos­er to Air’s Moon Safari than the psych-jazz odyssey of their pre­vi­ous LPs, Inter­ludes for the Dead (2015) or Let It Wan­der (2018).

An ori­gin sto­ry, for con­text: in 2015 Justin Kreutz­mann, son of Grate­ful Dead drum­mer Bill, invit­ed Casal to com­pose the inter­mis­sion music for the Dead’s Fare Thee Well con­certs, a vic­to­ry lap cel­e­brat­ing their final shows. Neal assem­bled the guys, record­ed five hours of jams, and was sur­prised to find an eager audi­ence and label sup­port from Rhi­no Records. And Cir­cles Around the Sun was born.

On epic dis­co jam­mers Detroit Dos” and Land Line Mem­o­ries,” MacDougall’s siz­zling ana­log key­boards (like the Min­i­moog Mod­el D and phas­er-soaked Clavinet) echo vin­tage library music and 1978’s crate dig­ger fave Black Dev­il Dis­co Club by Bernard Fevre. This band was nev­er some­thing I thought would get done to a click,” says Mac­Dougall. But we all talked about it being more of a fun record, so we hung some mir­ror balls and played a bunch of dance music!”

As it hap­pens, Cir­cles’ new sound was cre­at­ed part­ly by design, but also part­ly by trag­ic cir­cum­stance. On August 26, 2019, a week after lay­ing down his tracks for Cir­cles Around the Sun, founder Neal Casal com­mit­ted sui­cide. He left behind a note for the group, ask­ing for them to con­tin­ue in his absence — to con­tin­ue record­ing, tour­ing, and play­ing togeth­er. They’ve cho­sen to hon­or his wish­es. Our mis­sion is to extend Neal’s musi­cal lega­cy,” says drum­mer Levy. He was a classy dude and had a regal vibe about him. The oth­er side of it is the men­tal health lega­cy. Maybe there are peo­ple out there in the same sort of dark­ness Neal was in, who can hear us and say we can work pos­i­tive­ly on mul­ti­ple fronts in his memory.”

In this meta­mor­pho­sis, Cir­cles Around the Sun spans both heart­break and hope. Doors close; win­dows open; new direc­tions extend them­selves in mys­te­ri­ous ways. But some­times you know it’s real from the first beat. It just clicks. We’ll see you on the dance­floor, at the fes­ti­val, at the next jam ses­sion, where every­one comes togeth­er and all is for­giv­en. It’s just how Neal would want it. It’s Cir­cles Around The Sun.

Absolute­ly no refunds — no excep­tions. Rain or shine. Line­ups and times are sub­ject to change. Any tick­et sus­pect­ed of being pur­chased for the sole pur­pose of reselling can be can­celed at the dis­cre­tion of Cas­toro, Good Med­i­cine Presents, LLC or Eventbrite. Valid gov­ern­ment-issued pho­to ID required for entry to age-restrict­ed events. Tick­ets will not be avail­able for pur­chase at the venue.

No cam­eras, pho­tos or video allowed.

Face Masks are required by all guests when­ev­er they are out­side of their car or pod.

COVID-19 Warning/​Terms & Con­di­tions- All tick­et hold­ers freely and vol­un­tar­i­ly assume ALL RISKS, HAZ­ARDS AND DAN­GERS aris­ing from or relat­ing in any way to the risk of con­tract­ing a com­mu­ni­ca­ble dis­ease or ill­ness (includ­ing expo­sure to COVID-19, a bac­te­ria, virus, or oth­er pathogen capa­ble of caus­ing a com­mu­ni­ca­ble dis­ease or ill­ness), whether occur­ring before, dur­ing, or after the event, how­ev­er caused or con­tract­ed, and here­by covenant not to sue and waive, release, and dis­charge any and all claims and poten­tial claims against Cas­toro Cel­lars, Good Med­i­cine Presents, LLC and any and all affil­i­ates, own­ers, mem­bers, offi­cers, prin­ci­pals, direc­tors, employ­ees, agents, and vol­un­teers relat­ing to such risks to the fullest extent allowed under Cal­i­for­nia law. If you are pur­chas­ing tick­ets for oth­er peo­ple you agree that all par­ties have reviewed, acknowl­edged, and agreed to this waiv­er, and you war­rant and rep­re­sent that you have the right, author­i­ty, and capac­i­ty to enter into this Agree­ment on behalf of your­self, your minor chil­dren, and any oth­er peo­ple for whom you are pur­chas­ing tick­ets. You here­by agree to indem­ni­fy, save, and hold harm­less Cas­toro Cel­lars & Good Med­i­cine Presents, LLC from any and all loss, lia­bil­i­ty, dam­age, or cost, includ­ing attorney’s fees, aris­ing from or relat­ing to expo­sure to or phys­i­cal ill­ness or death from COVID-19. We have tak­en enhanced health and safe­ty mea­sures – for patrons, artists, crew and staff. You must fol­low all post­ed instruc­tions while on Cas­toro Cel­lars prop­er­ty. An inher­ent risk of expo­sure to COVID-19 exists in any pub­lic place where peo­ple are present. COVID-19 is an extreme­ly con­ta­gious dis­ease that can lead to severe phys­i­cal ill­ness and death. To enter the Cas­toro Cel­lars prop­er­ty, all tick­et hold­ers are required to have their tem­per­a­tures tak­en by employ­ees, con­trac­tors, agents, and/​or vol­un­teers and must com­plete a well­ness check. Any­one refus­ing to com­ply with the for­go­ing require­ments will not be allowed entry onto the Cas­toro Cel­lars prop­er­ty. Any­one who has a tem­per­a­ture above 100.4 degrees Fahren­heit, who answers yes” to any of the ques­tions on the ques­tion­naire, or who is observed exhibit­ing symp­toms of COVID-19 will not be allowed entry onto the Cas­toro Cel­lars prop­er­ty. Cas­toro Cel­lars has the right, at its sole dis­cre­tion, to deny entry onto the Cas­toro Cel­lars prop­er­ty for any rea­son, includ­ing but not lim­it­ed to those rea­sons pro­vid­ed here­in. Accord­ing to the Cen­ters for Dis­ease Con­trol and Pre­ven­tion, senior cit­i­zens and guests with under­ly­ing med­ical con­di­tions are espe­cial­ly vul­ner­a­ble. By vis­it­ing Cas­toro Cel­lars, you vol­un­tar­i­ly assume all risks relat­ed to expo­sure to COVID-19.