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Good Medicine Presents — ALO

Thursday June 10th @ 6:00pm - 10:00pm

ALO is a lot of things. Sim­ply put, it’s a rock band, a fam­i­ly, an artis­tic out­let, a com­mu­ni­ty and a busi­ness. But that only scratch­es the sur­face of this 30-year musi­cal vision quest,” says Zach Gill, keys play­er for the beloved funk n’ roll out­fit that began in 1989 when Gill, Dan Lebo” Lebowitz, and Steve Adams teamed up in their Bay Area home­town at the ripe old age of 13 to play music. We’ve all been through so much togeth­er, there’s a lot of trust,” adds Lebo. This long term rela­tion­ship of ours is a beau­ti­ful thing.” Before their senior year of high school the three had already record­ed an album, and in keep­ing with their shared vision and rock n’ roll dreams, they relo­cat­ed as a band to San­ta Bar­bara for col­lege. After nine stu­dio releas­es and near­ly a cou­ple decades of world­wide tour­ing, ALO con­tin­ues to defy the odds as they pre­pare to embark on their 14th Annu­al Tour d’Amour, and unleash Crea­tures Vol. 2: Weave, the sec­ond in a series of EPs.

With the release of Crea­tures Vol. 1: Spark in July 2019, ALO unveiled a fresh sound and a new line­up with the addi­tion of friend and drum­mer Ezra Lipp (Phil Lesh & Friends, Stu Allen & Mars Hotel, Mag­ic In The Oth­er), who stepped in for long­time band­mate Dave Bro­gan. The deci­sion to make a series of EPs worked well for the band, whose mem­bers live in dif­fer­ent places, and whose sched­ules required quick­er record­ing ses­sions. We love the full-length album process, but these days there are so many dif­fer­ent ways to get your music out there,” Adams explains. For us, the deci­sion to make EPs was like, Why not try it? We like new things.’ Just four songs to focus on each round in the stu­dio. As it went, it was man­age­able and fun.”

It’s that inno­v­a­tive spir­it that keeps ALO’s fires of inspi­ra­tion burn­ing, along with their indi­vid­ual side projects and col­lab­o­ra­tions. Mul­ti-instru­men­tal­ist Gill nur­tures a solo career and records and tours with Jack John­son, who the band befriend­ed in col­lege and who signed ALO to his label, Brush­fire Records, in 2005. Bassist Adams has toured with many groups over the years includ­ing Nic­ki Bluhm & The Gram­blers and Brett Den­nen, and stays active in the Bay Area music scene. And along with solo and band-led work, gui­tarist Lebo per­forms with the Grate­ful Dead’s Phil Lesh, Rock Col­lec­tion, Doo­bie Deci­bel Sys­tem, and more. When these life­long friends come togeth­er to cre­ate, how­ev­er, is when the mag­ic hap­pens, born from famil­iar­i­ty and expe­ri­ence, of all-night dri­ves to gigs in vans, of shared des­tinies and inside jokes. And the evi­dence is in the lyri­cal, head-bob­bing intro­spec­tion of Spark, and in the smol­der­ing, dance-wor­thy grooves of Weave. Both efforts encom­pass the band’s mul­ti­ple facets. Both trans­late beau­ti­ful­ly for the band’s leg­endary live per­for­mances. And both are primed for those mys­ti­cal, mys­te­ri­ous jams.

The idea is to inspire peo­ple,” Lebo explains. As a music lis­ten­er, that’s the music I tend to be drawn to, when I hear some­thing that inspires me and gets me excit­ed about life. That’s what we’re try­ing to do. As well as inspire our­selves as a band. If we can get our­selves there, then we can trans­late that to our audi­ence.” That idea has been more like a mis­sion for ALO, to approach the music with a sense of free­dom, and cre­ate a lib­er­at­ing space for their lis­ten­ers. We want peo­ple to feel free at our shows — to par­tic­i­pate and join along, or just step into our world for a night and enjoy the ride,” says Adams.

In Feb­ru­ary, the band will con­tin­ue to set eager audi­ences free on their high­ly-antic­i­pat­ed 14th Annu­al Tour D’Amour, which tra­di­tion­al­ly ben­e­fits music pro­grams in pub­lic schools, a cause close to each of their hearts. In our school, in our town, we were able to be in choir, and play in a jazz band, and play in the jazz choir. There were bands and orches­tras, by senior year I think I was in three music class­es a day,” recalls Lebo. A lot of schools have had to cut their music pro­grams because they don’t have fund­ing. Those music pro­grams were so ben­e­fi­cial to us. That’s the age when you get turned on to so much. We feel like sup­port­ing music pro­grams is a way we can give back.” We often reflect on how impor­tant music edu­ca­tion was in high school and how inspir­ing it was for us,” adds Adams. It gave us some­thing to build on, and helped make that con­nec­tion between edu­ca­tion and career. It gave us some­thing to invest in and believe in. It still amazes me to see that child­hood dream still play­ing itself out.”

When the four of us are all in a zone togeth­er, it’s real­ly spe­cial,” Lebo says of the ALO live expe­ri­ence. I feel like that’s what we’re always shoot­ing for at a show or in the stu­dio, or even if we’re all just hang­ing out in the van on the way to gigs.” And that’s what this band is, a col­lec­tive whose sum is more pow­er­ful than its parts, and one that has proven that it can stand the test of time. It feels old and new, clas­sic and fresh,” Gill con­cludes. It holds ten­sion and dreams and pos­si­bil­i­ty in its folds. It’s love and free­dom col­lect­ed, cat­a­logued, then released back into the wilds from whence it came. It hopes to unveil some­thing mag­i­cal, some­thing unheard of, some­thing the world needs.”



Date and time

Thu, June 10, 2021, 7:00 PM PDT

Doors at 6:00 PM